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Glass Frog Pipe (UV Glow)

Glass Frog Pipe (UV Glow)

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This beautiful, vibrant frog pipe has been meticulously sculpted to include many details. Starting with a thick tube of glass, I added fume (pure silver metal vaporized in a flame, and bonded in a very thin layer to the glass), coated the tube in colored glass powder, and then I decorated the frog with dots (warts) of multiple UV reactive colors, which glow very brightly under black light. (I don't have much skill as a photographer. It looks much cooler and brighter in person.) A graceful body, powerful legs, realistic eyes, and the many other fine details make it seem to be ready to hop away.
The lighter in the last photo is a standard sized Bic.

✷ Fumed with pure silver for color changing.
✷ Glows under black light.
✷ Made with high quality, durable borosilicate glass.
✷ Kiln annealed for extra durability.
✷ Ships immediately.
✷ Hand blown & sculpted. One of a kind.

This piece is intended for tobacco use only by persons at least 18 years old. By purchasing this item, you agree that you are AT LEAST 18 years of age (21 years in some areas). It is your responsibility to know your state and local laws regarding the possession and use of tobacco pipes and accessories.

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